NYCOMEC Blue Webinars

NYCOMEC organizes live lectures conducted by guest speakers from NYCOMEC member institutions on a variety of topics and archives them online for later access. Please call 516.686.3730 for password.

OMM Teaching Videos

These videos are available to enhance and supplement OMM training for all NYCOMEC interns, residents, fellows, and faculty. Please call 516.686.3730 for password.

Speakers Bureau

Do you need a professional speaker for your hospital’s Grand Rounds, medical symposium or clinical conference?

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ACGME Updates

Review Committee News/Notices

Internal Medicine Review Committee Request for Initial Comment: The Review Committee invites program directors and other stakeholders in the internal medicine and the GME community to review the current Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Internal Medicine and provide recommendations for changes. Comments must be submitted using the form by July 1, 2018. E-mail Executive Director Jerry Vasilias with […]

Review Committee News/Nominations

Emergency Medicine Committee Seeks Nominations for Resident Member: The position will become available on July 1, 2019. Nominees must be enrolled in an ACGME-accredited emergency medicine residency program and must have at least one year of residency education remaining after July 1, 2019. Nominations will be accepted until October 1, 2018. E-mail Senior Accreditation Administrator Sara Thomas for more information.   […]

Milestones News

Soliciting Work Group Volunteers: The ACGME is beginning work on Milestones 2.0, and is assembling work groups responsible for reviewing the current Milestones by specialty. Members of the GME community are invited to serve on these work groups. Nominees must be proficient in one or more of the Competencies and be familiar with The Milestones, and need to […]

Upcoming Events

OR Webinar: Sub-Occipital Release

Evidence Based Approach to Concussion Management