CLER Blackout Weeks Announced

Three times a year, a feature within ADS opens to allow designated institutional officials (DIOs) and institutional coordinators the option of requesting blackout weeks from CLER visits. During these windows, DIOs and institutional coordinators may log into ADS and click on “Blackout Dates” in the right navigation panel under the “CLER” tab to submit their requests. Please note, only the DIO and institutional coordinator have access to this feature in ADS and ADS will only allow users to enter up to five weeks per time period.

The remaining window for this year is July 2-27, 2018 to enter requests for September-December 2018.

In 2018, the CLER Program will avoid scheduling site visits during the following weeks:

* July 2-6, 2018 (CLER blackout week);
* December 24-28, 2018 (CLER blackout week);
The CLER Program will also avoid scheduling on the following days (note: the CLER Program will still schedule visits during these weeks):
* September 3, 2018 (Labor Day)
* November 22-23, 2018 (Thanksgiving)
To successfully schedule a CLER visit, the DIO and CEO of the site being visited must agree to participate in an initial and exit meeting. When selecting blackout dates, check with the CEO of the clinical site to be visited to identify known dates of unavailability. Also consider any other times when institutional staff members may not be available.

Sponsoring Institutions with a status of Pre-Accreditation or Initial Accreditation will not be contacted to schedule a CLER visit until their status is changed to Continued Accreditation.

The CLER Program will make every effort to comply with your requests; however, there is no guarantee that you will not be contacted for a visit during the requested blackout dates.

E-mail questions to  Joshua Miron.