Review Committee News 

Obstetrics and Gynecology Review Committee
New Required Block Diagram Format
Beginning July 1, 2018 the Review Committee will require the use of a new block diagram format. Examples and the fillable form are available on the Documents and Resources page of the Obstetrics and Gynecology section of the ACGME website.
Surgery Review Committee 
Education Requests
Flexibility in education requests will be considered for the following three purposes:
  • Focused training during which chief residents will have more than six months of essential content in one area during the PG-5 year;
  • Unique educational opportunities for residents to have up to six months of chief experience during the PG-4 year;
  • Establishment of an education “track” (e.g., rural, burn) where only some residents elect to complete a structured “track” curriculum.
Information is available on the Documents and Resources page of the Surgery section of the ACGME website. E-mail questions to Associate Executive Director Cathy Ruiz.
Case Log Update
Following discussions with the complex general surgical oncology community, the Review Committee has removed the requirement to designate one code as “primary” in an individual fellow’s Case Log. This will allow all procedures to count toward the fellow’s Case Logs and will allow more than one fellow to take credit for a procedure on a patient.
Pathology Review Committee
Seeking Resident Member
The Review Committee seeks nominations for its next resident member. E-mail Accreditation Administrator Matt Lange for more information and to submit a nomination. Nominations will be accepted until July 31, 2018.